Aljumaine Gayle

Producer & Design Technologist.

The Voice. Of All Things

The Voice Of All Things is a soundscape design and audio reactive animation that creates a reality overrun by animals. It presents a narrative in which humans are no longer the most dominant species. It is an exercise that visually displays the oppressive and claustrophobic horror of a world overrun with environmental catastrophe. The animation is broken into three small acts accompanied by a soundscape and score that display, the present, the past without humans, and the catastrophic and chaotic future with humans. The work aims to address the Anthropocene narrative as violence in two ways, not only physical violence but also the violence of “nonbeing”, and the exclusion from the category “human”. This short animation is designed to be displayed using an array of four 60 inch TV displays in sync within a gallery space or to be projected onto a single wall. The soundscape is played through a distributed system that places four speakers, one speakers in each corner of the gallery space. Allowing for the interruptions of sound to be played through specific speakers via panning.