Aljumaine Gayle

Creative Technologist.

Produced and creative project managed an “interactive exhibition” which aimed to reconnect Canadians to the land through making contemporary art accessible. The web experience provides an immersive way to explore online galleries. A user can select a destination from the stars, then travel through a real-time, generative 3D Canadian landscape—while hearing the personal, oral histories of everyday Canadians. Users can also view a dataviz experience displaying the paths of other canadians.

Each individual artist’s gallery displays the work on their own terms, in exhibition spaces that we carefully assembled in close collaboration with the artists and curators.

Landmarks integrates 100+ art projects for 12 leading Canadian artists, 16 universities, 400+ graduate students and 20 national parks and historic sites into one amazing website.

Do you want to live in a future where you have no right to control our privacy in public based on your ethnicity, class, education, political affiliation and human rights?

“In what could be taken as the founding statement of computational thought, John von Neumann wrote: ‘All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall control” (Bridle,14). An immersive, multimedia installation, Aljumaine Gayle’s Twenty Four Seven/365 explores state control and surveillance of communities of colour, specifically black and indigenous communities, through technological structures.